Sunday, June 17, 2007

thrifting adventures

I found this liquor cabinet at rehouse. I think it is absolutely fabulous and is now in dire need of being used. The ice bucket was found at a thrifting paradise in Lima, while the shaker, glasses, and stir sticks were picked up at Amber's neighborhood yard sale. The awful liquor was a gift from Rachael-I'm sure she was happy to part with it.

These trays came in a set of 4 and were also purchased at the store in Lima. They work perfectly for cheese and crackers!

This extra comfy, fancy ottoman was also picked up on the Lima thrifting adventure. The legs fold down for easy storage or pillow usage.

This fabulous suitcase was found during Amber's neighborhood sale. It came with a small carrying case that went to Rachael. The luggage tag says it traveled from Rochester, NY to Tampa, FL--how perfect!

The bottles and purse were found during the enormous Browncroft yard sale. I'm hoping to put rice and other kitchen things in the bottles.

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